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About VetteFinders.com

VetteFinders.com was founded in April 1996 as the Internet's first Corvette-only classified ads site. Since its initial launch, VetteFinders.com has listed and sold thousands of Corvettes and spawned many imitators. What makes us different than other classified ad sites? First we are Corvette owners and understand what other Corvette owners and future owners want in a web site. Secondly, VetteFinders.com is our full time job and we are committed to making the buying & selling process as smooth as possible.


J. Keith Cornett - CEO/President
Keith is one of the original founders of VetteFinders.com, serving as the webmaster since Day 1. He purchased the company in early 2000 and has since retooled the company by adding additional products and services to make VetteFinders.com one of the net's premier Corvette destinations.

Keith's background has primarily been in advertising, having worked for a variety of radio and television stations in the Tampa Bay area. In 1995, he struck out on his own to form an award-winning web design company. Having built hundreds of sites for all sorts of individuals and businesses, Keith seized the opportunity to purchase VetteFinders.com and put his collective Internet experience to work in a hobby he loves. Keith is a Corvette enthusiast who owns a 1966 roadster, inherited from his father who was the original owner.

Chris G.
- Network Admin/IT Director
Chris is our resident network admin in charge of keeping the VetteFinders engine hummin...the Dell PowerEdge servers pumping out Corvette content and classifieds keeps Chris happy. Chris does all the programming and integration projects for VetteFinders.com

Chris is the owner of three Corvettes, a 1990 ZR-1, a 79 coupe and a 1978 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car on which he completed a frame-off restoration.

Bob Kroupa
- Appraiser/Content Contributor
Bob Kroupa of Vette-N-Vestments is our chief appraiser and contributes the information for the Corvette Price Guide and other articles.

Bob is Publisher & Editor of VETTE-N-VESTMENTS, the monthly Corvette market newsletter. He also contributes Corvette pricing articles to Old Cars Weekly and to Corvette Magazine as a Prices and Values column writer. Bob has been involved in the Corvette hobby for over 25 years and has owned over 65 Corvettes, representing most years and body styles. Click here for Vette-N-Vestment's Publications.

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