VetteFinders Classified FAQ

Below you find our Frequently Asked Questions about the classified ads service. If you have a question which is not addressed here, use our contact form.

What is a VetteFinders classified ad?
VetteFinders classified ads allow you to list all the relevant information about your Corvette to thousands of viewers each day.

How much is the service?
The cost of the ad is $25 per vehicle listing.

How long does my ad run?
Your ad will run for 90 days and then you'll receive notices to renew your ad (at no additional charge) every month after until you sell your Corvette. If the ad does expire, you can login and reactivate it for free. This system helps to ensure that car ads do not get abandoned after they are sold.

How will people contact me?
By listing an email address, VetteFinders will route all inquiries directly to you. We'll keep a count of your inquiries and page displays while keeping your email address safe from from spammers. If you wish, you may also put your phone number in the ad so you can receive calls.

Can I place a picture in the ad?
Yes. You can upload unlimited images of your car at the time of sign-up or by logging into the admin control center. Please limit the size of the .jpg or .gif to 800 pixels wide and 100k in size. Size limits are strictly enforced.

Can I change the contents and price of my ad?
Yes. You can log in to the admin control center to modify your all the contents of your classified ad including contact information. You can also upload an image of your Corvette.

Does VetteFinders handle the sale?
No. VetteFinders only places the classified ad and delivers inquires to you, negotiations or information requests are handled between buyer and seller.

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